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“Nadja’s global vision and leadership in driving change is an inspiration for all who work with her. Through her excellent verbal and written communication skills, she has an innate ability to present complex strategic issues in an effective and concise manner. I highly recommend Nadja to any organization struggling with the challenges of workforce development.”

Denis Mercier

Deputy General Manager FIVES Group, former Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation, NATO (2015 – 2018)

“Through a mix of crisis simulations, role play, presentations on how emotions impact the ability to make decisions, and one-on-one coaching, Nadja helped our members become better decision-makers and increase their impact in their communities. I strongly recommend her to any organization that works on leadership development.”

Ana Aelenei

Head of Leadership and Democracy Initiatives, German Marshall Fund of the United States

“Nadja’s grasp and explanation of EQ, along with explaining its application within the personal and work environments, is something I believe should be incorporated not only into every business but educational systems as well – the information received is that important. Being able to give a person a foundational understanding of where they fall in the range of 15 different areas – and how to balance over and under-compensating factors – truly is a gift of clarity. Nadja’s reporting also provides strategies for improving areas which is exciting as you have a starting point, an actionable game plan, and a truer knowledge of yourself. Speaking with Nadja was never a like a lecture that she needed to get through, it was always a meaningful conversation – she put me at ease, asked thought-provoking questions to get to the heart of a matter, and practiced active listening.”

Sue Lemm, PMP

Senior Consultant, Navy Federal Credit Union

“Our members learned new ways of approaching stress management, problem-solving, and decision-making while navigating a disruptive cyber event. I certainly recommend Thrive with EQ’s services for any organization that is looking to exercise collaboration and be prepared against the inevitable cyber disruptions of the digital age.”

Laurie Dufays

Head of Institutional Relations with Africa, World Savings Bank Institution

“Her tremendous work ethic, sense of humor, creativity and ability to connect with and establish rapport with others was invaluable. It is evident that she was a great asset to NATO as a senior executive at NCIA and I am confident that she will touch and positively influence many lives in her role as entrepreneur. I very enthusiastically provide Nadja with my highest recommendation.”

Keerthika Melissa Subramanian

Securities Lawyer @Mintz; Lecturer at Yale Law School (Fall 2019); Global Thought Leader, Data Privacy and Cyber

“I had the great pleasure of participating in Nadja’s workshop and crisis simulation on emotional intelligence. She provided a fascinating presentation on how emotions impact your ability to make decisions, solve problems, handle stress, be flexible and agile in an age of disruption. She designed and facilitated a real-life cybersecurity scenario with five uniquely designed personality types across generations, cultures, backgrounds, and sectors.”

Muddassar Ahmed

Managing Partner at Unitas Communications, Founder & President of John Adams Society, Founder & Chair of Concordia Forum

“I have known Nadja for several years now and she continues to impress me with her creativity and leadership. I highly recommend her to any organization seeking to build a thriving and successful workforce to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.”


Benedetta Berti, PhD

Head, Policy Planning, Office of the Secretary General at NATO

“What made the crisis simulation innovative and unique is the use of emotional intelligence curveballs so the participants could practice their human resilience. The creative and innovative workshops addressed some of the critical challenges of the workforce in an era of digital transformation and disruptive security challenges. Participants found the workshop a great success! “

Kristel Ba

Programme Officer for Inclusive , German Marshall Fund of the United States office for Paris

“Nadja designed and facilitated a cyber crisis simulation exercise based on emotional intelligence for ‪the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy in Brussels. She explained the impact of emotions on decision-making, problem solving, stress tolerance, interpersonal relations and self-confidence in a way all participants could relate. These soft-skills are critical for all generations, and in particular young professionals who are at the beginning of their careers.”

Georgiana Dragomir

Executive Director, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, Brussels

“Nadja has brought her know-how to our digital development process, and we are grateful for her excellent presentation and inputs she made during the ICT Africa Symposium held on the 24th, 25th, and 26th of August 2021. Her interesting approach and thoughtful content made it possible to observe consistency with the theme of the Symposium « Innovation and Internet Development for a Sustainable digital transformation of our cities ». Nadja’s communication style has once again provided a clear insight to the situation, attitudes and even the importance of technology for the global development of our cities.”

CAPDA Association

Consortium d'Appui aux Actions pour la Promotion et le Développement de l'Afrique, CAPDA

“Lorsque la générosité se marie à la compétence, elles produisent de l’excellence. Le samedi 13 novembre, les membres du PMI MOROCCO CHAPTER et ses sympathisants ont vécu une belle expérience d’échange et de partage à la limite de deux domaines, cybersécurité et Intelligence émotionnelle (EQ). Ce fut un excellent choix du sujet brillamment animé par Nadja El Fertasi.”

Abderrazak Hamzaoui

President - PGMP, PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-ACP, NLP Master , PMI Morocco Chapter

“Nadja has a vast repertoire of developmental capabilities that will be hugely beneficial to leaders and organizations who believe people are the key to building better cyber defenses. Thanks to Thrive With EQ, achieving enhanced individual and collective cyber outcomes is no longer a matter of chance but a predictable result from the consistent application of Nadja’s unique approach of bringing ‘the right EQ tools to the job.”


Anne Leslie

Senior Managing Consultant , IBM Security


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