You may be thinking; here we go again with the buzzwords and marketing pitches. I understand – we live in an age with an overload of information. There are many consultants out there who promise to transform your workforce by implementing proven theories; theories that sound complex and are focused on helping companies from just the macro level perspective.

What do I mean by that? I mean that we work in an era where there are up to five generations in any given workforce. A workforce comprised of human beings who have different personality type preferences, values and belief systems, conscious and unconscious bias, and workplace attitudes. Any approach to talent management across a workforce will prove to be unsuccessful in the long term if companies fail to translate these theories on the micro-level: the individual employee.

“Communicating and implementing simple solutions to complex workplace challenges has become an art in the age of disruption.”

Organizations operate in an increasingly complex world plagued by a host of destabilizing challenges and crises. Rapid digital transformation is redefining the workplace for all generations, and in particular, for Millennials and members of Generation Z, at a fast, unrelenting pace. Evidence suggests that Millennials, who are expected to constitute over 75% of the global workforce by 2030, and members of Generation Z are ill-equipped to navigate workplace challenges successfully. And Millennials are not alone. Older generations of workers are grappling with dislocation and disruption caused by automation and artificial intelligence.

So what’s your silver bullet? Your Five P’s formula?

My background lies in being a seasoned professional practitioner. I practice what others preach so organizations can develop sustainable and successful workforce development strategies that are fit for THEIR purpose and tailored to THEIR needs.

Re-inventing the wheel is futile! Instead, I base our custom methods on all the renowned research and findings that are already out there. As a creative and passionate problem solver, I design innovative workshops and crisis simulations to test and implement workforce development strategies for organizations.

Building a thriving workforce requires re-thinking how organizations approach talent management.

At Nadja El Fertasi, EQ Coaching & Consulting, we focus on implementing our Five P’s formula by exercising human interaction at the workplace!

The Five P's of a Thriving Workforce

The Five P’s of a Thriving Workforce


A personally fulfilled workforce will lead to higher workforce performance in executing organizational strategy and meeting customer needs.


A personally fulfilled workforce will lead to higher workforce performance in executing organizational strategy and meeting customer needs.


Greater personal fulfillment leads to improved performance levels, which in turn leads to greater output and efficiency levels across your organization.


Investing in the first three P’s – Greater Personal Fulfillment, Improved Performance, and Increased Productivity ultimately leads to Maximized Profits.


Whether you are a commercial business or a not-for-profit organization, profit without purpose is unsustainable.


It all starts by investing in your employee experience so you can become an employer of choice, and attain your competitive advantage in the 21st Century. We help your employees foster greater self-awareness and social intelligence so that they learn how to build professional resilience, leverage their emotional intelligence and navigate workplace challenges from a place of empowerment.

We believe organizational accountability and investment are critical to shaping a culture of well-being at your workplace. Well-being is a construct. Think of it like the weather, which requires several elements before one can assess what weather means and how to measure it. It consists of temperatures, humidity, positioning of the clouds, the intensity from the rays of the sun, and so on.

The same goes for well-being. What do organizations need to put in place to build a workplace culture of well-being? It requires accountability in eradicating toxic workplace habits; education and training in (un) conscious bias and emotional intelligence, building psychological safe environments where employees can flourish into their best versions, and many more building blocks.

Do you still wonder why it all starts with making people feel good at work? Whether your mission is to generate sustainable profits or align your workforce with your organizational purpose, investing in your talent who are your driving force is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in the 21st Century where the war for talent continues to prevail.


A results-oriented workforce development consultancy with the latest credentials in the field of emotional intelligence, we help multinational organizations implement the secret to successful workforce development and talent management.


The secret to successful workforce development lies in the “Five P’s®️ ™️” formula: Greater Personal Fulfillment leads to Improved Performance, which leads to Increased Productivity, which ultimately results in Maximized Profits and/or Purpose.


Nadja climbed the ladder as she went from secretary to senior executive in the world’s largest crisis management organization, NATO, working in different countries.

This makes her uniquely qualified to help organizations devise and implement transformative talent management strategies at all levels in their workforce.


Nadja facilitates crisis simulation exercises based on emotional intelligence, which are expertly designed to reflect and simulate real-world workplace challenges.


Nadja is passionate about humanity and generational inclusion! She designs unique personality types from different backgrounds, cultures, industries and across generations which she utilizes in her crisis scenarios.

We focus on implementing our Five P’s formula across generations to help organizations develop successful, sustainable and profitable talent management strategies across their workforces.


The journey to successful workforce development begins now! Check out our website, schedule your Discovery Session with Nadja El Fertasi, EQ Coaching & Consulting and let’s get started.


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