Equal Opportunities in Cybersecurity in Europe

Our CEO/Founder Nadja El Fertasi is proud to be part of an exciting collaboration between Global Cyber Alliance and Women4CyberFoundation, exploring...

Drones, Cyber and EQ: Building Human Readiness in the Age of Disruption

The commercial market for buying and deploying drones is almost as accessible as buying toys from amazon. So why should you care, you may think?...

Interview Head Governance RedShift & Global Cyber Alliance Ambassador Rois Ni Thauma

Last week, Anne Leslie, Senior Cyber Security Consultant IBM and I had the immense pleasure of having Rois Ni Thauma, Head of Cyber Governance - Red...

How EQ Makes An Effective IT Leader With Nadja EL Fertasi

- Originally published on June 2, 2021 at Redzone10X   In this episode, we’re talking about how EQ aka emotional intelligence can help you...

Beyond the Kill Switch: Building Emotional Firewalls against the Pain of Ransomware

Including the human factor in cyber security to minimize the pain of ransomware attacks by building emotional firewalls. When we help people...

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