Building Human Resilience

We can’t build organizational security resilience, if we don’t focus on connecting with people first.

The working world continues to transform in the way businesses communicate, collaborate and coordinate in the constantly changing environment. Digital disruptions are here to stay. Building organizational resilience in the age of disruption includes building human resilience as a foundational pillar. Security is seen by many as an afterthought or a burden, typically treated as a complex issue reserved for subject-matter experts alone. It can also trigger emotions of fear, or skepticism, making it difficult for people to feel incentivized in changing their security habits.

This requires building connections with people first through a phased approach as part of a sustainable learning path.

Virtual or Live Courses

Building Understanding

We offer a foundational overview of how emotional intelligence strategies play an essential role in building human resilience. Through a conceptual overview with practical case studies, participants will leave with more than just awareness on how to build resilience in a world marked with uncertainty. Webinars last between 45 – 90 min per session, depending on the type of case studies. We offer both live and on-demand webinars.

Duration: X Hours
Virtual or Live

Building Competencies and Skills

Through customized training, we offer an in-depth overview of building new competencies & skills by leveraging emotional intelligence strategies. We use a variety of creative exercises, practical case studies, and real-life inspired scenarios to create an engaging and experimental learning environment for our participants. All of our trainings are custom designed based on our clients needs. Each training module lasts 8hrs divided over multiple days when delivered online. We also offer the possibility to custom design a self-pace training course accessible through our online course platform.

Duration: X Hours
Virtual or Live

Building New Habits

Through virtual coaching sessions, we help the participants develop a roadmap to implement their learnings from their map of the world. The structure of the coaching sessions is based on goal setting using SMART objective, reality testing to ensure the feasibility of achievement, prioritization to develop a realistic plan, and sustainability to yield a long-term return on investment. All of our coaching sessions are offered virtually, unless in person is required. We offer EQ-i 2.0 model survey assessments as well as Character Strengths surveys to provide a personalized coaching experience.

Duration: X Hours
Virtual or Live

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