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Emotional Intelligence

EQ Foundation

Emotional intelligence is set to become the critical driver for social relationships in the coming years and will help ensure that human interaction does not get lost in the maelstrom of digital transformation. Statistics from Harvard, Stanford, and Carnegie Foundation show that 85–87% of our success can be attributed to soft skills, emotional intelligence, and personal skills, yet we only pay attention to these factors 10% of the time.




Stress Management

Stress Management

Global stress levels are on the rise as all generations are struggling to keep pace with the fast pace digital acceleration in the post-Covid 2019 era. Chronic stress can be detrimental to the  organizational culture and people’s well-being and mental resilience. As a result, many organizations are grappling with low morale, decreased performance, low productivity levels, and declining profits for commercial organizations. 



Resilience Building

Resilience Building

The global pandemic has changed traditional methods of navigating change at large scale across the world. People are experiencing disruptive change at a global level while navigating the challenges of the “new normal”. Building resilience to help people navigate the fast pace external changes and the internal disruptions is at the heart of a Thriving Teams culture.


Communication Skills

Stakeholder Engagement

In the digital age where over 70% of global online users are glued to their mobile screens and communicate through email, face-to-face interaction has become an art. With the rise of remote working through virtual means, developing people skills online is key for successful interpersonal and professional relationships with your stakeholders, your customers, your employees and your board members. 


Disruptive Change

Change happens to people while transitions is an internal disruption felt on an emotional and psychological level. In a time where global uncertainty, anxiety and unknown prevails, helping people navigate the ripple effect of change and prepare to thrive beyond disruption is must in order to maximize people’s full potential.


Core Values

Thriving Team Cultures

Just like global values shifted in many places across the world after 9/11, the current pandemic and rapid digital acceleration will impact and transform people’s core values. Visualizing, formulating and articulating your team’s core values so that you can thrive and rise together beyond the disruption is at the heart of a Thriving Team culture.



Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications is all about managing your stakeholder’s perception more than it is about solving the crisis. In times of disruption, people react based on their emotions of fear, anxiety and anger which are controlled by the amygdala part of the brain. Communicating through the power of emotional intelligence is a critical pillar of crisis communication, and will yield long-term results with impact. 

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills

Building trust and rapport is at the heart of any negotiation tactics as people make decisions primarily based on their emotions and perceptions. Skills such as empathy, emotional awareness and expression, interpersonal relationships and reality testing are at the heart in learning how to achieve your desired outcomes in any type of negotiation. 

Simulation Format

Simulation Formats


  • Fixed, Flexible or Customized formats.
  • 8hrs in-person facilitation and/or 4hrs on-line training per day.
  • An interactive briefing that combines the theory, science and the practitioner ’s view.
  • Multiple crisis simulation scenarios for groups larger than 10 people.
  • Multiple intergenerational personality type designs. EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Character Strength Signature based exercises to exercise professional and personal well-being on an individual and team level.
  • A PDF workbook to implement the learnings beyond the workshops and to continue personal development exercises.
  • Preparation & Follow Up Sessions.


  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Model Survey Assessment

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