Why people are led through building understanding instead of being managed by focusing on awareness. Building awareness revolves around perception, while building understanding revolves gaining knowledge. Knowledge you can leverage to communicate from people’s map of the world and help them understand why, so they can feel the need to change their behaviors and habits.

Managing people in the VUCA world we live and work in today is no longer a term that does any employee experience justice. Processes are managed, people are led. It’s about really understanding first, storytelling, painting the outcome, and understanding the difference with awareness.

We can be aware that ransomware is a huge risk. We can understand that ransomware can cripple our system, our cost structure, our organizational resilience, and cause serious business disruption. But it still doesn’t necessarily lead to preparedness and readiness if people-centric leadership is lacking.


Building your roadmap through a people-centric approach

In my roadmap, I use for helping my clients build a resilient employee experience fit for the digital decade. The seamless flow between readiness, resilience and preparedness is what will help you achieve a resilient culture where you as an organization will thrive because of a resilient employee experience.


A culture with a resilient employee experience measured by reduced turnover, strong security culture KPIs, and ratings as best employer in the market.


Why emotional intelligence and cybersecurity?

Tune in and listen 🎧 to 6clicks interviews where I had the pleasure to answer this and other questions with Haroon Malik CRISC CIPM. In less than 10 minutes, I break down the building blocks of why emotional intelligence is critical for cybersecurity resilience.


3 Different Ways I can help you

What if you could learn more without booking a discovery call with a stranger who, in your map of the world, is going to try to sell you something? Highly agree! That’s why I developed a virtual value proposition, explaining briefly in videos what problems I help my clients solve in three different ways.

  1. Access both virtual and in-person experimental learning trainings focused on building human resilience. Custom scenarios specific to your industry and sector.
  2. Need a little more help? My individual or group coaching plans can help you learn to lead your team through uncertain times and take them from chaos to clarity.
  3. My consultancy services in strategic stakeholder engagement and communication will help you drive employee resiliency as a transformational change program.


I also believe in talking less and listening more, but your time is precious. Why would you give me your time if you don’t know if I would be able to help you. Hey, I don’t even know, as I am not every business’ cup of tea either. But what I do know is that if you sign up for my free resiliency course below, you will become clear quickly if you want to go to the next stage and see if we have business chemistry.

I invite you to click on my value proposition, explore my offerings and course, and decide whether you are ready for the Discovery Call step where we both decide if Thrive with EQ is the right fit.


Build a resilient employee experience, and start today!

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