I was part of a diverse panel during a seminar that focused on “Doing Security Differently” organized by the European Parliament.

I spoke about my nearly two-decade experience in the world’s largest political-military organization. I stressed the importance of building human resilience and changing organizational cultures to meet the needs of the complex reality of the 21st Century.

Fostering human security in Western Security Institutions based on emotional intelligence is key to the secret of successful workforce development.

COVID-2019 has revealed societies blindspots when it comes to the importance of helping people navigate disruptions through personal leadership based on emotional intelligence.

Research show that emotions in large part of societies across the globe have influenced and are shaping the current security dynamics and call for systemic changes.

The quote of Theodore Roosevelt embodies it all:

No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.


If you like to invite me to speak about the nexus of people, disruption and emotional intelligence, I look forward to meet you!


I would like to invite you!

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