Last week, Anne Leslie, Senior Cyber Security Consultant IBM and I had the immense pleasure of having Rois Ni Thauma, Head of Cyber Governance – Red Sift Limited – Global Cyber Alliance Ambassador.

Cyber crime and ransomware are making headlines all over the globe with not only financial pain, but human pain.

So much fear and unknown is giving cyber criminals the advantage they need to continue their malicious practices. Understanding the basics and the cultural mind shift necessary at a systemic, technical and human level is no longer something to be put under the rug.

We touch on and discuss the basics such as the need for renewed leadership, the impact of human psyche in cyber crime and how to manage and mitigate these soaring risks.

Tune in and we hope you will leave with a new perspective on cyber beyond the technical realm!



Timestaps Video


1:28 – Rois’ take on the current soaring ransomware attacks

05:00 – Why human psychology is at the heart of falling prey to cyber crime 08:00 – How we can do a better job in managing the risk of human vulnerabilities

11:22 – Are we good at determining the biggest cyber threats?

15:29 – Why people are reluctant to behavioural change in adopting cyber hygiene practices

18:00 – The role of cognitive bias in cyber security

23:23 – Why human kindness is a golden entry point for cyber criminals

25:44 – Why you should ask the right questions to avoid falling prey

30:13 – The distracted workforce and the rise of social engineering attacks

33:50 – Understanding the cyber threat landscape

37:00 – Why common sense is underrated

38:33 – Leadership for cultural change is no longer a nice to have

40:50 – Mitigate CEO-frauds by creating safe space for your employees

46:22 – Why you should integrate system thinking into your organisation culture

48:18 – How DORA legislation can be your friend in mitigating cyber risk at all levels

52:15 – Why protocol basics is at the heart of managing third party risks

53:11 – Having an exit plan for your third party suppliers is crucial

57:29 – Wrap Up

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