Our mission is to mitigate the emerging 21st Century cyber threats for corporations, governments and persons through ensuring the ‘human element’ vulnerabilities and threats are mitigated.   Recent surveys (54%) highlight the #1 concern of Cyber Security Professionals is managing and responding to the ‘human element’.   Without the inclusion of the ‘human element’ in your cyber plan and response, will your plan be effective?  While the vast majority of cyber security is focused on the technical vulnerabilities, we strive to provide clients and partners a complete ‘360 security plan and response’, inclusive of the ‘human element”.   

Our world class team of experts have in-depth knowledge, experience and skills relative to the complexities of crisis management, intelligence, training, scenario development, and investigations.  We have extensive experience in managing, communicating, researching, investigating, mitigating, and negotiating with the most treacherous and nefarious threat actors.   We are integrators for C-Suites, Boards, technical experts, threat actors, and legal firms, ensuring stakeholders are equipped to manage and respond to the ‘human element’ within cyber security.    We have been advising leaders for decades on the most effective ways to mitigate and respond to threats from the ‘human element’.    InterVentis Global works with clients and partners to provide a ‘360 cyber security solution’.   

We are discreet, strategic and accustomed to high-stakes crisis  incidents.


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