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Why diversity in its broadest sense matters

I admit, when I started Thrive with EQ and approached cybersecurity leaders, it was never without resistance. The link between emotional intelligence and cybersecurity was not evident. Coming from NATO, I understood and have felt the importance of building cyber resilience within people first. For us at NATO, if people were scammed or experienced fraud – lives could be in endanger. Military lives as the means of communication and collaboration was digital now. Civilian lives during missions where discretion and political dialogue was at risk being exposed at a large scale. NATO employees as we were always a person of interest for motivations driven by commercial espionage and information theft.

The choices people make on a day-to-day basis, led to their security posture when connecting online. For us, it was a no-brainer. It is only when COVID exacerbated the risk of social engineering attacks that the global workforce went remotely and now was exposed to online criminal activity. My mission of transforming human vulnerability into empowerment was one I was not going to give up on. No matter how many NOs and rejections I faced, I kept making the case for building human resilience fit for the digital decade.


Why believing in yourself is the foundation

‘The hardest thing to do is to believe in yourself when no one else does.´

Luckily, I did have a few who believed with me that building emotional firewalls for the digital decade is much more than an #eq buzzword. Emotional firewalls are a symbolic meaning for building human resilience. Just like technical firewalls are meant to protect your software and operating systems from digital viruses, emotional firewalls are meant to protect people from falling prey to online emotional manipulation techniques.

It is a vision I never gave up on to help organizations and individuals build human resilience.

Being recognized by the Women4Cyber Foundation as one of the Top 100+ influential cyber women in Europe shows that girls and women can carve out their own path and lead the way.

Especially when it feels unknown, as that’s when you inspire a new way to help reduce novel risks, together.

Thank you to Women4Cyber Foundation

Thank you, María Saskia Brugman GA Anett Mádi-Nátor and Luigi REBUFFI for launching this book filled with inspiring the stories of amazing women leading the way in cyber.

Ready for inspiration?

Check out the link below to get your own copy!


Hacking gender barriers

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The Press Release

We are pleased to announce that Nadja El Fertasi has been selected to be part of the book “Hacking gender barriers: Europe’s top cyber women.” The book “Hacking gender barriers: Europe’s top cyber women” highlights over 100 women working in the field of cybersecurity in Europe. Its goal is to shed light on the different professional roles in cybersecurity, and inspire young women by showcasing female role models active in the cybersecurity field.

The Women4Cyber Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 aimed at promoting, encouraging, and supporting the participation of women in the field of cybersecurity. Its mission is to develop and grow a cybersecurity community through networking, awareness, education, and training. To achieve that, the Foundation works to help raise the voices of women through social media and events, enhance female participation in cyber education, promote Role Models and tailored training programs for entry, upskilling or re-skilling in cybersecurity.

Read more in the Press Release here.

3 Different Ways I can help you

What if you could learn more without booking a discovery call with a stranger who, in your map of the world, is going to try to sell you something? Highly agree! That’s why I developed a virtual value proposition, explaining briefly in videos what problems I help my clients solve in three different ways.

  1. Access both virtual and in-person experimental learning trainings focused on building human resilience. Custom scenarios specific to your industry and sector.
  2. Need a little more help? My individual or group coaching plans can help you learn to lead your team through uncertain times and take them from chaos to clarity.
  3. My consultancy services in strategic stakeholder engagement and communication will help you drive employee resiliency as a transformational change program.

I also believe in talking less and listening more, but your time is precious. Why would you give me your time if you don’t know if I would be able to help you. Hey, I don’t even know, as I am not every business’ cup of tea either. But what I do know is that if you sign up for my free resiliency course below, you will become clear quickly if you want to go to the next stage and see if we have business chemistry.

I invite you to click on my value proposition, explore my offerings and course, and decide whether you are ready for the Discovery Call step where we both decide if Thrive with EQ is the right fit.


Build a resilient employee experience, and start today!

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