Maximizing your EQ through visualisation is what we did at the book club talk on Emotional Intelligence 2.0 organised by EBBC Entrepreneurial Business Book Club Brussels. 

According to science, people with high levels of well-being perform better, are more productive and experience higher levels of mental energy.

The scientific ratio for well-being defined by the founding father of Positive Psychology, Dr Martin Seligman, is a ratio of 80% positive emotions and 20 % negative emotions.

Yet because of our negative thinking patterns that are ingrained in the human mind, people tend to focus more on feeling negative than positive emotions

When you develop healthy thinking patterns you are bound to overcome any of your fears that is holding you back from public speaking, interviews, healthy relationships and going after your goals for example.

The subconscious does not distinguish between reality and what is going on in your mind. Thus if you train your mind to visualise positive desired outcomes in detail fuelled with positive emotions, you train your muscle in the subconscious mind to develop healthy thinking patterns.

So after an Emotional Intelligence talk, I led a wonderful, dynamic and critical crowd into a visualisation exercise where they imagined in detail what it would feel like to achieve their goals. 

Visualization exercise is at the heart of all my workshops as helping people see beyond the disruption and into the next. When people practice feeling and adopting the mindset and the emotional state of being necessary to navigate the disruptions of their external environment, they will become better leaders, decision-makers, team players and high-performing individuals.



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