Tabletop Exercises

What are Table Top Exercises (TTEs)? 

Tabletop exercises are interactive, engaging, and dynamic sessions to help you clarify roles & responsibilities, improve problem-solving and decision-making, and enhance collaboration during cyber attacks. Thrive with EQ focuses on helping you engage and lead your teams during times of disruption and high-stress environments. 


What makes your TTEs unique?

One of the greatest misconceptions about cyber is that it is purely Information Technology related. With an increase of 600% in cybercrime since COVID-2019, of which 96% are based on manipulation of human vulnerabilities, and with over 78% of remote workers worldwide costing the global economy an estimated 1 Trillion USD cost in 2020. We focus on exercising the human factor related to cyber attacks and help you build cyber preparedness and resilience through collaborative engagement skills. 

What do you exercise during TTEs?

Our TTEs are designed based on the specific client’s desired outcomes and requirements to ensure the simulations provide a realistic experience. During the cyber crisis simulations, and as agreed with the client, we offer various collaborative engagement modules, which you can view here. We use a dedicated Microsoft SharePoint client portal with secure cloud-based solutions and advanced cyber threat protection. 


How do you deliver the TTEs?

Thrive with EQ’s TTEs can be organized both in a virtual environment or in person. The client can choose the desired platform we deliver online TTEs on Cisco WebexMicrosoft Teams, and/or Zoom. Every TTE includes a Microsoft client SharePoint portal, which covers the full information management life cycle of collaboration with our clients. 

TTE Objectives


  • Uncover the bottlenecks of your cyber preparedness strategies and address the root cause of human vulnerabilities.


  • Exercise collaborative leadership focused on fuelling your IQ & EQ, increasing stress tolerance, building resilience, engaging stakeholders, communicating during crisis and building thriving teams.


  • Implement a dual-track approach to increase cyber hygiene and people’s potential in navigating cyber threats in the new ways of working.



  • Simulate real-life inspired cyber crime scenarios and incentivize new behaviours in mitigating the impact of social engineering attacks.


  • Empower your ecosystem of stakeholders, customers, and employees to become part of the solution and embrace a new cyber preparedness culture for the hybrid (remote) working environment.


  • Exercise building and sustaining trust with your customers, stakeholders and employees.



World Savings Banking Institute (WSBI) and Global Cyber Alliance joined forces and organized a series of webinars on “Cyber Transformation: From Strategy to Operations”. Thrive with EQ led the regional training webinars for our members in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Central Europe. The CEO, Nadja El Fertasi, facilitated transformative, innovative and dynamic online training which focused on exercising collaboration during a simulated cyber crisis. Our members learned new ways of approaching stress management, problem-solving, decision making while navigating a disruptive cyber event. Nadja’s work ethic while looking for excellence, coupled with a good sense of humor, enabled us to approach our customer needs best, while working in flexible and convivial manner. I certainly recommend Thrive with EQ’s Table Top Exercises for any organization who is looking to exercise collaboration and be prepared against the inevitable cyber disruptions of the digital age.

Laurie Dufays

Head of Institutional Relations with Africa at WSBI-ESBG

Our Approach

The first step is to understand your specific challenges so we can better tailor our value proposition to your custom needs.

During the second step we will give you access to our DEMO cloud-based collaboration portal we use during our Tabletop Exercises. The access lasts for two weeks and comes with a walk-through video and instruction sheet. 

During the third step we will send you a value proposition with our proposed training modules to simulate, exercise and collaborate your specific challenges during our Tabletop Exercises. 

During the fourth step, we discuss and finalize our value proposition. Upon your acceptance, we proceed with the design, delivery and facilitation of the training modules on our cloud based platform. Trainings are either delivered online or in person when conditions permit. 


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