Our CEO/Founder Nadja El Fertasi is proud to be part of an exciting collaboration between Global Cyber Alliance and Women4CyberFoundation, exploring the increase of diversity and improving equal opportunities in the cybersecurity sector in Europe.

According to Nadja El Fertasi, CEO and Founder of Thrive with EQ, ‘Cybercriminals leverage social engineering attacks to manipulate people’s most vulnerable assets—emotions. If we flip this around and transform vulnerable assets into resilient emotional firewalls, the surface attack of cybercriminals will decrease. Hacking a distracted human mind is far easier than hacking a focused human mind with their emotions in check. Mitigating cybercrime goes far beyond technical firewalls, as humanity faces an unprecedented challenge of global recession, depression, and fatigue. By omitting the human factor, we are handing cybercriminals the safety and security of working in the online world on a golden plate.’

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