At Thrive with EQ, we do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Because of this, we also offer custom-made workshops to meet your organizational needs and requirements.

Through an intake session, we discuss with you what your challenges and pain points are. Then we articulate what success looks like for you, and formulate your desired outcomes.

Based on these findings, we will design a unique workshop proposal tailored to your organization.

Organizations can also choose separate modules from our EQ suite service offerings. We will design a custom workshop based on the service offerings selected*.

*EQ Foundations must be part of any custom design workshop as it provides the basis for all workshops. 

Mind-Body Potential

Thrive with EQ has partnered with Pop Up Yoga Concepts to help your workforce Thrive through Mind-Body Potential.

We design custom workshops to help your teams:

  • Maximize their emotional intelligence so that they can increase their performance and productivity while feeling personally fulfilled;
  • Provide them with the tools & techniques to reduce stress levels and increase their resilience levels and well-being at work;
  • Increase their energy levels by establishing a mind-body connection.

We offer workshops, keynotes and company retreats.

Schedule your Discovery Session to learn more about how you can increase your human potential across your workforce.



Nadja has been dedicated to inspiring professionals for several years and has given keynote speeches to the European Parliament, European Commission, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, NATO, and many more organizations.

She has spoken about, amongst other topics, human security within organizations, how to leverage emotional intelligence, how to build personal empowerment in the digital age, and how to develop inclusive leadership for the 21st Century.

If you are looking to inspire your workforce and motivate them to find purpose and meaning in their work, schedule your Discovery Session with Nadja today!

Team Building

At Thrive with EQ, “work hard, play hard” is one of our key mantras.

When diverse team members connect through play, they will naturally learn how to work together as part of a thriving team.

We design workshops which help participants leverage their emotional intelligence and unleash their creative and innovation potential, which will contribute to organizational excellence!

Schedule your Discovery Session and find out how we can turn our crisis-simulation exercises into fun as part of your team-building activities!


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