Business Development

Doing business in a tech-saturated world across sectors requires more than your IQ, experience, and knowledge. It requires people skills. In other words, emotional intelligence! Ultimately, you are working with people who have specific workplace attitudes shaped by their culture, society, upbringing, and personal preferences. Interpersonal relations can break or make a deal in the business world. Especially in an era where the lack of trust is fuelled with fear, unknown, and uncertainty in many sectors.

Leveraging emotional intelligence can help you bridge the gap between stakeholders from different sectors and across generations. At Thrive with EQ, we design specific crisis scenarios that reflect real-life challenges from your industry. We leverage the participant’s emotional intelligence through role-play by using personality types that represent your stakeholders. The creative and innovative workshop will help you understand the structure, the institution, and the people across sectors. The custom designed and interactive workshop will help you better tailor your value proposition and achieve your desired outcomes for your clients.

Program Management

The successful delivery of any program, service, or capability lies in the collaborative dynamics between people in the team. A diverse program team with stakeholders from different generations, backgrounds, cultures, and industries is vital for the innovation potential and the successful delivery of high-end quality programs, services, and deliverables. A diverse team does not function without challenges, as people have different mental models, belief systems, and workplace attitudes. Everyone works from within their map of the world, which is fuelled with both conscious and unconscious bias.

Maximizing Emotional Intelligence will help your stakeholders become aware of their biases, improve team dynamics, and exercise cross-sector collaboration. At Thrive with EQ, we design custom-made crisis scenarios specific to program management based on Nadja’s long-term experience in working across various multi-year capability development and service delivery programs in the defense and security sector. The innovative and dynamic workshop will help you develop a stakeholder engagement roadmap to ensure minimum disruption to team dynamics and harnessing your full innovation and creative potential.

Gender Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion has been a trending buzz word since the last decade now. In particular, achieving gender equality and having more women in top leadership position or senior management across organizations and industries has been a struggle. Research shows however that this statistic is improving. In 2019, 29% of senior management roles are held by women, the highest number ever on record. 87% of global businesses have at least one woman in a senior management role in 2019. Still, helping women feel heard and make their mark in organizations, in particular the security and defence sector, remains challenging. Often the gender debate widens the gap and perhaps unintentionally fosters greater exclusion rather than inclusion.

At Thrive with EQ we focus on exercising inclusion through creative and custom made crisis simulation workshops tailored to your industry. We leverage participant’s emotional intelligence through role play so that people become aware of the impact of both their conscious and unconscious bias on cross-sector collaboration. At the end of the workshop, participants will leave with a roadmap for developing inclusive behaviours based on the science of emotional intelligence.



  • 399 Euro* excl. VAT per 2,5 hrs crisis simulation online. 
  • 599 Euro* excl. VAT per 2.5 hrs crisis simulation in person.


  • EQ Foundations 
  • Design Crisis Scenario
  • Design Personality Types
  • Facilitation Crisis Simulation

*Excludes price for meeting location & beverages for in-person sessions.


Prices are calculated based on international standards for facilitating workshops and our daily rate for custom design workshops to meet the client’s requirements.

All prices are in Euros and exclude VAT.

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