How confident are you that your organization is fully equipped to avert, counter and respond to a cyber crisis?

According to a survey by the Boston Consulting Group, the financial sector is 300x more likely than any other industry to get attached.

Human vulnerabilities put organizations at high risk for costly data breaches and other cyber attacks. 

The average annualized cost of cybercrime for financial services companies globally has increased to US$18.5 million; this is 40% higher than the average cost of US$13 million per firm across all industries. 

Another survey shows that almost 56% of financial institutions are useful in detection, whereas only 31% are good at prevention.

Are you ready to exercise collaboration across your multidisciplinary team to stay ahead of cyber crime, practice collaborative leadership during cyber crises and be prepared in the new digital space? 

Throughout the month of October and November, WSBI-ESBG and Global Cyber Alliance join forces and will host several webinars in series for the financial sector on:

“Cyber Transformations: Opening a Debate on Cyber Security, From Strategy to Operations”.

The first session, Cyber Transformation & Setting up Strategy for Change on Thursday 8 October raises awareness of the main challenges related to cybersecurity, the opportunities available to mitigate these challenges and tools available to help the financial sector reduce risk and build a cyber resilient banking culture.​

Designed for senior managers, the first session focuses on addressing cyber risk and trust​ followed by a second session on cyber​security as a transformation process.

Thrive with EQ will lead the regional seminars focused on the notion of leadership through real-life inspired simulations of different crisis scenarios. These three regional training webinars will focus on the notion of leadership through real-life inspired simulations of different crisis scenarios. 

Practical cyber crime cases will be identified to exercise the leadership and collaborative approach in dealing with challenges by maximising the participants’ stress resilience and reducing the risk of human error.

Check out the programme with partners and speakers from global institutions and join us in building a renewed culture of trust and leadership for cyber.


Build a resilient employee experience, and start today!

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