Customized Crises

Customized Crisis

At Thrive with EQ, I do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Through an intake session, I discuss with you what your challenges and pain points are. Then we articulate what success looks like for you, and formulate your desired outcomes.

Based on these findings, I will design a unique workshop proposal tailored to your organization.

The customized workshop include:

  • A briefing that combines the theory, science and the practitioner’s view;
  • Multiple crisis simulation scenarios for groups larger than 10 people;
  • Multiple intergenerational personality type designs;
  • EQ (Emotional Intelligence) based exercises;
  • A PDF workbook to implement the learnings beyond the workshops;
  • Preparation & Follow Up Sessions.

Welcome to our secret to successful workforce development. How can we help you?

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