Consulting Services

My consultancy services in strategic stakeholder engagement and communication will help you drive employee resiliency as a transformational change program.

Tackle the challenges, in partnerships instead of silos. Propel your organization into success fit for the VUCA world.

During my twenty years at the world’s largest crisis management and security organization, NATO, strategic stakeholder engagement and program management were my bread and butter. Having worked with people from over 40 countries from different sectors and industries, and at all levels, there was one common thread that led to successful business outcomes: building relationships.

Building sustainable partnerships across sectors and industries is critical so that you can thrive in a VUCA world. Constant change is certain. Managing your business risk is no longer a solo activity but requires building relations across an ecosystem of stakeholders.

I help you develop a blueprint for being successful at achieving your stakeholder’s buy-in.

What are the key benefits?

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Action Planning
  • Resilient collaboration and communication strategies
  • Reduced organizational blindness
  • Increased cross-functional collaboration & communication
  • Risk management and mitigation action planning
  • Drive employee productivity through content engagement strategies
  • Get buy-in from your stakeholders up-front
  • Build workplace champions who inspire, empower and guide others
  • Tailored resilience strategies to transform human vulnerability into empowerment.


My daily consultancy rate is set at 1100 excl. VAT.
The duration of consultancy projects vary between 3 to 6 months.

The 3-Step Resilience Roadmap


Build a resilient employee experience, and start today!

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