On Thursday 23 January, I designed and facilitated a team building workshop for the European Commission with our partner Michel van Cauter from Pop Up Yoga Concepts.  Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management and Goal Setting for Thriving Teams were all on the agenda!

We began with an overview of what Emotional Intelligence (EQ) means for the workplace and how diverse and multinational teams can leverage EQ to increase well-being, performance and productivity.

All of our workshops include a custom designed crisis simulation which give the participants the tools and techniques to leverage their cognitive and emotional intelligence in solving complex crises while developing innovative and creative solutions.

Our partner, Michel van Cauter, gave an interactive talk on mindfulness and well-being and demonstrated practical insights and exercises for stress relief for the workplace.

At the end of the day we used a new way of goal setting where all of the team members set their well-formed outcomes, and visualised in detail the journey to successful outcomes.

What participants had to say:

” Dear Nadja, dear Michel,

A big thank you for last week’s amazing day. We really enjoyed everything: the content, the location, your dedication and openness (and the food was also fantastic). We were at times a tough crowd, but we did enjoy the day and you brought great value to us. “


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