Nadja El Fertasi


Nadja is a senior strategic advisor and crisis management exercise specialist in the field of cyber security. She leverages her expertise and know-how in crisis management, strategic stakeholder engagement, and emotional intelligence to provide a holistic approach to addressing the human factor of cybersecurity. Nadja has worked for nearly two decades at NATO, the world’s largest crisis management organization.

Her last position was Senior Executive at the NATO Communications and Information Agency (Cyber Security), responsible for strategic stakeholder engagement and communications. Having worked closely with people from over 40 countries, she is uniquely skilled in fostering trust and understanding among diverse, global stakeholders in both the public and private sectors across various industries.

Nadja designs and facilitates cyber-crime simulations to help people build emotional firewalls against social engineering attacks. She addresses the human factor by exercising collaborative leadership skills during cyber crises. Nadja possesses the latest credentials in the field of emotional intelligence and has trained with leading experts in the area. Nadja is fluent in Dutch, English, French and has a good understanding of Italian and German. Nadja is an alumna of the 2018 German Marshall Fund Marshall Memorial Fellowship program, a postgraduate from the University of Cambridge in International Relations, and Co-Chair of the largest side event of the GLOBSEC 2019 Bratislava Forum. In November 2020, Nadja led the regional cyber leadership approach webinars for the World Savings Banking Institute (WSBI). The webinars were part of a global initiative with partners such as Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) and Cyber Fin Project of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

During her 15+ years of experience in cyber security in NATO, Nadja is a seasoned practitioner and expert in her field. She has also been selected to be part of the book “Women in Cybersecurity in Europe” featuring Top 100 influential women in cyber security across Europe by the Women4Cyber foundation.


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