Khadija Boudra Taib

Trainee Strategic Cyber Security

Khadija is currently studying for a Master’s in European and International Studies focused on Franco-Spanish relationships. She is fascinated by international cooperation and the impact of digital transformation.

Her traineeship with Thrive with EQ combines her passion for strategic cybersecurity, human behavior, and international cooperation. She helps the CEO with the latest cybersecurity trends and challenges research and analysis so that our Tabletop Exercises address the root cause of organizational vulnerabilities at the outset.

Khadija is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. She assists the CEO with our tabletop exercises translation into French and Spanish for our clients across Europe and Latin-America.
Khadija’s passions include not-for-profit work and giving back to society. She is currently setting up an association that aims to help educational development.


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