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Thrive with EQ is pleased to partner with CYBER RANGES in providing social skills training to help participants build emotional firewalls and minimize the pain of cybercrime. Experiencing the potential impact of cybercrime, specifically on your organization, your leadership, and your teams, will help you exercise sound decision-making during times of heightened pressure and stress.

We, therefore, design cybersecurity scenarios that focus on exercising the human factor within the critical infrastructure services. The scenarios cover a wide-ranging skillset that includes stress management, resilience building, stakeholder engagement, crisis communication, and functional trust.

CYBER RANGES is the world-renowned next-generation solution by Silensec. They provide a secure and exclusive platform for developing, delivering, and using interactive simulation environments. The simulation environment represents an organization’s ICT, OT, mobile and physical systems, applications, and infrastructures, including the simulation of attacks, users and their activities, and any other Internet, public or third-party services, which the simulated environment may depend upon.


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