The pain of ransomware is felt deep in our societies, organizations, and at a personal level. The disruption is caused by cybercriminals who have no regard for democratic values and ethical principles. Criminals motivated by money, espionage, and political reasons to name a few, are causing havoc across the digital world.

At this time, there does not seem to be a silver bullet as organizations across the public and private sector are coming together to find solutions. There is no one size fits all approach, and adopting a holistic strategy that includes the human factor is critical. Recently, we published a blog on how to minimize the pain of ransomware through the science of emotional intelligence. One of the steps is to visualize yourself navigating a ransomware attack. When the brain deals with unfamiliar territory or familiar territory based on past experience, it will use similar information from the past linked with intense emotions to predict a response option.

When the fear takes over, even if our rational part knows not to pay – the instinct to produce is likely to prevail. Our decision to pay or not to pay, the energy depleted from the anxiety, uncertainty, and fear cause a great deal of distress. It impacts our ability of problem-solving and decision making much more than we realize.

In this visualization exercise, Nadja helps you imagine a ransomware attack scenario on your map of the world and in the comfort of a safe space. She uses a specific emotional intelligence disassociation technique so you can see yourself navigating such a situation, your reactions, behaviors, impulses, and actions you take. Once you view this as an observer with a brain that is not feeling distressed, you access much more of your brain potential. This allows you to access more information and consider other perspectives and options you may have to omit if reacting from a fight or flight mode. It also helps you train your mind to become resilient against such attacks and not be driven by the emotions of an unfamiliar situation or linked with an intense negative sentiment from the past, but instead react with more confidence and calmness.

The visualization starts at 3:07 and lasts about 12 minutes.

Please make sure you are not distracted, and you are not undertaking any physical activity. Please note that Thrive with EQ and its CEO/Founder is not liable for any actions you may undertake due to you watching this visualization exercise. Thrive with EQ’s terms and conditions apply.

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