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Our mission is to help your workforce navigate disruptions by maximizing their Emotional Intelligence.

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The Five P’s ®™ of a Thriving Workforce

The secret to successful workforce
development lies in the Five P’s Formula.
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Greater Personal Fulfillment
leads to Improved Performance,
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A results-oriented workforce development consultancy

Results orientated

Gallup’s new State of the Global Workplace report indicates that just 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs. Thus 85% of employees worldwide are functioning below their potential. As a result, their value to employers and the sense of fulfillment they derive from their work is at an all-time low. By 2030, the biggest silent killer in the workplace is likely to become burnout – now defined by the World Health Organization as long term chronic workplace stress. Exercising human interaction across generations, cultures, and backgrounds is a must in an era of continuous disruption and transformation.

Are you an organization struggling to equip your employees with the critical life skills they need to overcome workplace challenges?

Thrive with EQ, can transform your workforce!

A results-oriented workforce development consultancy with the latest credentials in the field of emotional intelligence, we help multinational organizations discover and implement the secret to successful workforce development for the 21st Century!

How we help you get there


Thrive with EQ is a results-oriented workforce development consultancy with the latest credentials in the field of emotional intelligence. We help multinational organizations discover and implement the secret to successful workforce development for the 21st Century!

We focus on putting into practice the science and theory by facilitating crisis simulation exercises based on emotional intelligence, which is expertly designed to reflect and simulate real-world workplace challenges. The best way to implement sustainable change in your organization and build Thriving Teams is by allowing your team to navigate change within their map of the world. Only then can they adopt tools and techniques which will help them Thrive with EQ at the workplace!

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“From secretary to senior executive, Nadja’s varied professional experience makes her uniquely qualified to help organizations devise and implement transformative workforce development strategies at all levels”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EQ Services

Why is EQ-based Coaching & Consulting Important?


Emotional intelligence is set to become the critical driver for social relationships in the coming years and will help ensure that human interaction does not get lost in the maelstrom of digital transformation. Statistics from Harvard, Stanford, and the Carnegie Foundation show that 85–87% of our success is derived from soft skills, emotional intelligence (EQ), and personal skills, yet we only pay attention to these 10% of the time.

What is the EQ-i 2.0 model?


The Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0 (EQ-i 2.0) measures an individual’s emotional intelligence. Science and professional feedback from the EQ-i® have strengthened and consolidated this second-generation assessment. It is a complete experience with a new and intuitive model and customizable reports.

What is the EQ-i 2.0 survey assessment?


The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0) is the world’s leading assessment tool for assessing emotional and social intelligence and is an excellent way to assess the way your workforce operates emotionally, their areas of strength, and potential blind spots. The assessment tool is delivered online using a secure site. It involves responding to 133 statements and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Once it is completed, we will produce both individual and group reports, each providing scores in 15 competencies, grouped into five composite areas: Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making, and Stress Management.

Why is EQ-i 2.0 important for talent management?


The EQ-i 2.0 model allows organizations to gain a deeper understanding of how the results affect a participant’s workplace performance (conflict resolution, change management, teamwork, decision making, and more) with strategies customized based on individual results. Reports are designed with clear instructions, interpretation guidelines, and results-driven content, setting you up for success.

What is the PERMA Model?

The PERMA model is Professor Seligman’s theoretical model of well-being (PERMA). Professor Seligman is known as the founder of Positive Psychology and is a leading authority in the fields of resilience, learned helplessness, depression, optimism and pessimism. His PERMA model helps us better understand what well-being means scientific terms.

We focus on translating and measuring the  findings gained from the PERMA so that we can help organizations implement meaningful workforce development strategies. Based on the client’s needs-analysis, we deliver practical, sustainable and creative exercises to help organizations build Thriving Teams at all levels. 

What is so innovative about your services?

As organizations are grappling with the effects of digital disruption and transformation, focusing on humanizing workforce development is critical for sustainable organizational growth, profit and purpose.

We design unique personality type designs from different backgrounds, cultures, industries and across generations which we utilizes in all of her workshops. This type of role-play allows participants to step outside of their map of the world and develop critical social skills, such as empathy,  while reducing unconscious bias.

Why should we work with you?


Nadja worked as a senior executive at the NATO Communications and Information Agency. She has been with NATO for nearly two decades. Having worked closely with people from over 40 countries, Nadja is uniquely skilled in fostering trust and understanding among diverse global stakeholders in both the public and private sectors and across various industries during times of organizational challenges and crises.

EQ In Action

What is crisis simulation?


The real-world crisis simulation exercises are uniquely designed to reflect and simulate real-world workplace challenges. Through interactive workshops based on a workplace crisis simulation scenario, participants will learn how to analyze and interpret interactions among a diverse generational and multi-sectoral group of stakeholders, through the lens of emotional intelligence.

Why is EQ important for crisis simulation?


Participants will gain new perspectives on how to manage intergenerational communication and collaboration, by applying a scientifically validated EQ-i 2.0 model to understand the role of emotions in decision making, stress management, interpersonal relations, and problem solving in the workforce for the 21st Century.

Why are burnout prevention, stress testing and resilience-building important?

In the U.S. alone, workplace stress costs the economy around $300 billion per year in absenteeism, diminished productivity, and legal and medical fees. Unsurprisingly, study after study shows that stress and burnout are the major drivers of staff turnover, accidents, injuries, and substance abuse

Without the organizational investment in creating structural changes that are people-centric, the problem of workplace burnout will continue to grow at the global level across industries. Workplace crisis simulation exercises and workshops help put resilience, stress testing, and emotionally intelligent leadership development into practice based on real-life workforce development scenarios.

Why do you use personality type designs?

Personality type designs are fictitious personas from different generations, countries, backgrounds and sectors. Based on the client’s requirements, we design personality types with a professional and personal description, their top five-character strengths, their emotional intelligence strengths and blind spots, and intergenerational communication guidelines. We utilize the personality types in our crisis simulations for role play.

Developing empathy in the workplace has been cited as one of the most important skills for the workforce. Through the personality-type designs and role-plays, participants learn to communicate with their stakeholders’ perspective in mind.

Why is generational inclusion important?

We live in an age where there are four, soon to be five, generations in the workforce. Each generation has developed behaviors and workplace attitudes specific to its time. Traditionalists, Baby-Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and the Cloud Generation see and experience the workplace differently. Exercising inclusive collaboration and communication by leveraging your organizational EQ potential to bridge these generational gaps is essential for building a thriving workforce.

What makes you a crisis management expert?


As a former senior executive in the world’s largest crisis management organization, Nadja is a seasoned crisis management navigator. She uses her knowledge and experience gained over the past twenty years to help multinational organizations navigate periods of organizational crisis. She has a deep understanding of today’s workforce, having worked in different positions at all levels and across industries. When short-term mitigation measures are no longer an option for your organization, Nadja is the person to help you turn things around in times of adversity, austerity, and low productivity levels. Her human approach to workforce development allows her to build trust with her clients and stakeholders in very short periods of time. 


Do you also work with organizations who are not in crisis?


Absolutely! Team-building activities based on crisis simulations and role plays are an excellent way to foster inclusion, increase empathy and adopt empowering collaborative communication techniques. One of Nadja’s scientifically tested signature character strength is humor. Expect transformational learnings through fun and play, while working together as one team!


Our Testimonials

I had the pleasure and privilege of co-chairing “Disruptive Dilemmas: Cyber Crisis Simulation Exercise”, the largest side event and the first-ever/inaugural cyber crisis simulation exercise at the 2019 GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum with Nadja. Nadja is a brilliant, passionate and visionary leader who is a true inspiration to those around her, myself included. Her tremendous work ethic, sense of humor, creativity and ability to connect with and establish rapport with others was invaluable. It is evident that she was a great asset to NATO as a senior executive at NCIA and I am confident that she will touch and positively influence many lives in her role as entrepreneur. I very enthusiastically provide Nadja with my highest recommendation.

Keerthika Melissa Subramanian
Securities Lawyer @Mintz; Lecturer at Yale Law School (Fall 2019); Global Thought Leader, Data Privacy and Cyber

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I have known Nadja since October 2016 and she is one of the most passionate, creative, intelligent and ambitious individuals I have met. Her global vision and leadership in driving change is an inspiration for all who work with her. Through her excellent verbal and written communication skills, she has an innate ability to present complex strategic issues in an effective and concise manner. Nadja is an outstanding role model and a talented thought leader who continues to touch people’s lives. I highly recommend Nadja to any organization struggling with the challenges of workforce development. Nadja is a passionate and inspirational entrepreneur with a purpose, a vision and a mission to transform the workforce in the 21st Century.

Denis Mercier
Deputy General Manager FIVES Group, former Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation at NATO (2015 – 2018)

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I had the great pleasure of participating in Nadja’s workshop and crisis simulation on emotional intelligence. She provided a fascinating presentation on how emotions impact your ability to make decisions, solve problems, handle stress, be flexible and agile in an age of disruption. She designed and facilitated a real-life cybersecurity scenario with five uniquely designed personality types across generations, cultures, backgrounds, and sectors. The role-play allowed us to step outside our own map of the world, develop more empathy for other team members, develop greater self-awareness and become more rational decision-makers and problem solvers. I highly recommend Nadja to any organization who is seeking innovative and uniquely designed workshops to face the challenges of workforce development in the 21st Century!

Muddassar Ahmed
Managing Partner at Unitas Communications, Founder & President of John Adams Society, Founder & Chair of Concordia Forum, a Fellow at the German Marshall fund and on Advisory Boards at the Faiths Forum for London, Atlantic Council (US), ENAM (Greece), IAYP (US), ISTAC (Malaysia) and IRM (Pakistan).

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I had the pleasure of participating in the inaugural cyber crisis simulation exercise at the GLOBSEC 2019 Bratislava Forum on 6 June 2019. Nadja designed two out of the four innovative, strategic and real-life cybersecurity scenarios. I participated in one of them and found the emotional intelligence aspects to be critical for decision-making and problem solving within diverse teams who perform under high pressure. I have known Nadja for several years now and she continues to impress me with her creativity and leadership. I highly recommend her to any organization seeking to build a thriving and successful workforce to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Benedetta Berti, PhD
Head, Policy Planning, Office of the Secretary General at NATO

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Nadja has designed and facilitated two cyber crisis simulation exercises for our Inclusive Leadership Hub, the German Marshall Fund of the United States Office in Paris. The simulation exercise consisted of a presentation highlighting the foundations of emotional intelligence, personality type preferences, value-based beliefs, and unconscious bias. The presentation was followed by a cyber crisis simulation exercise based on role play. Nadja designed the personality types for a generationally diverse team across cultures, sectors, and backgrounds. What made the crisis simulation innovative and unique is the use of emotional intelligence curveballs so the participants could practice their human resilience. The creative and innovative workshops addressed some of the critical challenges of the workforce in an era of digital transformation and disruptive security challenges. Participants found the workshop a great success! I highly recommend Nadja to any organization who is looking for innovative, creative, and practical real-life crisis scenarios to transform the workforce and build human resilience for the 21st Century!

Kristel Ba
Programme Officer for Inclusive Leadership at the German Marshall Fund of the United States office for Paris

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Nadja designed and facilitated a cyber crisis simulation exercise based on emotional intelligence for ‪the Young Professionals‬ in Foreign Policy in Brussels. She explained the impact of emotions on decision-making, problem solving, stress tolerance, interpersonal relations and self-confidence in a way all participants could relate. These soft-skills are critical for all generations, and in particular young professionals who are at the beginning of their careers. Building professional resilience and developing emotional intelligence was at the heart of our workshop, and should be high on the agenda for any organisation struggling with the challenges of building a workforce fit for the 21st Century. We highly recommend Nadja to any organisation working with young professionals for a journey of transformation and innovation in an age of disruption!

Georgiana Dragomir
Executive Director, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, Brussels

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I recently participated in one of Nadja’s crisis simulation exercises based on emotional intelligence. In my role as a Policy and Advocacy officer, I have extensive experience in crisis management and stakeholder engagement. I regularly deal with stakeholders from various countries, cultures, backgrounds, and sectors. What was innovative about Nadja’s workshop is her ability to explain and convey complex strategic issues into practical and simple exercises. The highlight for me was the use of personality types. It has been also a great exercise to learn how to manage a certain issue from another personality perspective. As well as, I had a chance to gain more insights into adjusting my own personality to a different one with the aim of problem-solving, finding consensus and being impactful as a group.She designed them with such attention to detail and personality so that we could experience the crisis scenarios through the eyes of another person. As a result, we learned to become better at rational problem-solving and decision-making. I highly recommend Nadja to any organization who is looking for an innovative and creative workshop that addresses intergenerational workforce challenges.

Ronald Ferkovics
Policy and Advocacy Officer at Roma Education Fund Budapest

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Nadja is an enthusiastic, prepared, inspiring woman. She’s able to open your mind to new visions and perspectives. I recommend her training 100%.

Eleonora del Vecchio
The Brussels Binder 

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Clients & Partners we have worked with
Nadja El Fertasi

Nadja worked as a senior executive at the NATO Communications and Information Agency. She was with NATO for nearly two decades. Having worked closely with people from over 40 countries, she is uniquely skilled in fostering trust and understanding among diverse, global stakeholders in both the public and private sectors across various industries.

Nadja is on a mission to re-imagine the workforce for the 21st Century by helping organizations thrive instead of survive in the digital age.

Passionate about emotional intelligence, and equipped with the latest credentials, she helps organizations around the globe build Thriving Teams through Emotional Intelligence.


What sets us apart, is Nadja’s varied professional experience as she went from secretary to senior executive in the world’s largest crisis management institution working in different countries. This makes her uniquely qualified to help organizations devise and implement transformative workforce development strategies at all levels when faced with organizational challenges and crises

Nadja’s top seven scientifically based signature strengths surveyed by the VIA Institute on Character are Creativity, Perspective, Humor, Bravery, Curiosity, Kindness and Social Intelligence.

The relationship with our clients is rooted in our company core values: Truthfulness, Empathy, Kindness, Integrity and Reliability.

To learn more about Nadja, and to download her bio, please visit

Chief Digital Inspiration
Chiara Lippi

Chiara Lippi is our Chief Digital Inspiration! She makes sure that all of Thrive with EQ’s inspiration reaches all corners around the globe. Her mission is to help people feel safe and secure through spreading digital inspiration directly into their feeds.

At Thrive with EQ, going above and beyond for providing our clients with a holistic experience of professional well-being through EQ!

Chiara is a graduate in Business Administration and is passionate about digital marketing. She is also passionate about humanity and has spend over two years working in customer service oriented positions. 

Chiara’s top seven scientifically based signature strengths surveyed by the VIA Institute on Character are Love of Learning, Love, Creativity, Kindness, Social Intelligence, Leadership and Honesty.


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